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Adult & Child

Introduce your child to the water environment, with the help of our amazing coaches

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Adult and Child - For babies and toddlers ages 0 - 2 years

Our Adult & Child programme has been designed to introduce adults with very young children to the water environment within a stimulating and enjoyable programme. In these lessons one adult must be present in the water to supervise each child. The Adult and Child programme will cover 3 Scottish Swimming Awards.

Our programme will introduce your little one to the medium of water and a pool environment, provide the adult with the working knowledge of a range of skills, including water confidence and safety, an understanding of safe submersion and correct handling techniques enabling basic swimming movements to take place.

Further through our structured programme via play, the teacher communicates through the adult, teaching the child to accomplish the gross motor skills involved in basic kick and arm movements and basic watermanship skills.

Parent Guidance - Our Learn to swim framework
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Where and when

Adult and baby lessons currently run as follows:


Monday to Friday mornings plus Thursday afternoons in the 25m pool.


Saturday morning & Sunday afternoon in the 25m pool.


£23.00 per month via direct debit.

Registration currently closed
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