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Adult Learn to Swim

You're never too old to try something new!

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Programme Breakdown

Our Adult Learn to Swim programme follows the Scottish Swimming Adult learn to swim pathway and caters for all levels of ability, from complete beginners to those who are looking to improve their confidence or develop their technique. Experienced coaches provide opportunities for all adults to participate in swimming at whatever level they aspire to. Each Adult learn to swim programme is offered as a 10 week course, with each lesson lasting 45 minutes.

Registrations are currently closed.



This stage is primarily focused on water confidence and developing core aquatic skills, including aquatic breathing, independent movement, balance and buoyancy, through a variety of activities.

Our experienced teachers will work with each individual, adjusting to their confidence levels, and establishing the basic fundamentals of swimming and the introduction of early stroke technique practises.


Advanced Beginners

This class is designed for those more confident in the water, but who still require improving basic swimming skills and strokes. Floatation skills and confidence underwater are reinforced and progressed within this level along with new core aquatic skills being introduced.


This level is designed for those who are confident in the water and can swim on their front and back for a short distance (up to 25m). Our teachers will support you in focusing on each of the strokes, as well as the introduction of diving (pool permitting).


Where and when

Lessons are currently held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and Friday lunchtimes.


£67.50 for a 10 week course (£54.00 for Aquatics members)


Registration for Adult Learn to Swim is currently closed


Adult Coached Series (Skills & Drills)

Adult Skills & Drills classes are structured, coached classes which will develop your technical swimming ability and swimming fitness. The classes are ideal for:

  • Swimmers who are looking to progress from our Adult Improvers Learn to Swim classes
  • Competent lane swimmers who are looking for a more structured session as part of a group with advice on technical stroke development, developing fitness/stamina and motivation
  • Adults returning to swimming who would like some technical and training guidance
  • Individuals who are training for water events such as triathlons, open water swimming or masters events and require improvements to technique and other skills

Each Adult Skills & Drills programme is offered as a 10 week course, with each lesson lasting 1 hour.

Skills and Drills: Level 1

This session will cater for the competent swimmer who would like to focus on their technique and develop fitness and stamina. Sessions will enable the swimmers to learn lane etiquette and how to use coaching equipment and get more out of their swimming sessions.

Swimmers MUST be able to swim in deep water and for a minimum of 25m on front and back recognised strokes.

Skills and Drills: Level 2

This stage is designed for able recreational swimmers, triathletes or individuals aiming to take part in a participation swimming event, who would like to improve their technique, develop fitness and stamina through basic training programmes, using coaching equipment and use of the timing clock.

Swimmers MUST be able to swim in deep water and for a minimum of 50m on their front and back recognised strokes.

Registrations are currently closed.


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