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Programme Breakdown

Our Junior Learn to Swim programme is designed for children aged from Primary 1 up to 15 years, to encourage all children to learn to swim through a fun and progressive pathway. Children can then progress to try a range of aquatic activities such as life-saving, water polo, competitive swimming and diving.

Our programme is split into:

Swim Skills 1 (SS1)
Swim Skills 2 (SS2)
Swim Skills 3 (SS3)
Swim Skills 4 (SS4)


Swim Skills 1 (SS1)

Swim Skills 1 is broken into 3 levels of SS1 Red, SS1 Amber and SS1 Green. During these classes, instructors work with swimmers to develop the confidence and ability to perform a wide range of core aquatic skills. The basic technique of all four strokes is introduced along with the introduction of sculling, and the development of balance and buoyancy through a variety of activities.

Swim Skills 2 (SS2)

Swim Skills 2 has two levels of SS2 Amber and SS2 Green. Throughout these classes, instructors are introducing new core aquatic skills whilst continuing to work on techniques learned in the previous level, develop stroke technique across all four strokes, and introducing diving (pool depth permitting).


Swim Skills 3 (SS3)

Swim Skills 3 aims to further develop competency in all four strokes, further develop diving, and allow swimmers to achieve the Triple S Standard (Scotland’s Safer Swimmer Award).

Swim Skills 4 (SS4)

Swim Skills 4 looks at further improving stroke technique and stamina, and also introduces a multi-aquatic approach by giving swimmers the opportunity to try lifesaving, dive skills, synchronised swimming, and water polo.


Where and when

Junior Learn to Swim lessons currently run:

After school on weekdays;

Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


Saturday mornings


£23.50 per month via direct debit.

Registration currently closed

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