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COVID-19 Updates

50m Pool Access

We can't wait to see you back in our pool! Please make sure you familiarise yourself with our various procedures before you visit.

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Before you swim

  1. Pre-book your lane using our online book­ing system
  2. Arrive ​‘beach style’ — this means com­ing to ASV with your swim­ming cos­tume already on under cloth­ing. Cubi­cles will be avail­able to remove out­door cloth­ing
    By arriv­ing in ​‘beach style’, this means cus­tomers will spend less time in the cubi­cles and they will have more time to swim.
  3. We encour­age swim­mers to show­er direct­ly before leav­ing home. Show­ers will be avail­able at the pool for pre and post swim rinse
  4. Face cov­er­ings should be worn before and after activ­i­ty or when in non-play­ing areas of the facil­i­ty e.g. recep­tion, cor­ri­dors etc.
  5. Use the hand sani­tis­ers locat­ed at the Aquat­ics Recep­tion when arriv­ing at ASV.
  6. Fol­low the one-way sys­tem into the chang­ing rooms
  7. Main­tain appro­pri­ate social dis­tanc­ing with­in the chang­ing rooms

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During your swim

  1. Max­i­mum of 4 swim­mers allowed per lane
  2. You must swim clock­wise in the lane

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After your swim

  1. We would encour­age you to show­er at home, but if need be have a quick rinse in the showers
  2. Get changed in the cubi­cles as quick­ly as you can
  3. Hairdry­ers and cos­tume dry­ers will not be avail­able to use
  4. Leave the chang­ing rooms fol­low­ing the one way system
  5. Face cov­er­ings should be worn after your swim or when in non-play­ing areas of the facil­i­ty e.g. recep­tion, cor­ri­dors etc.

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