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COVID-19Click here to read our COVID-19 resources that explain all the new procedures and changes in place. Please be aware that our phone service is currently unavailable.
Covid-19 Updates

New Booking System

Our new system is super easy to use!

All activities and sessions must be pre-booked before you visit ASV

This is the new way we do things — this ensures the facil­i­ty is kept at a safe capac­i­ty at all times.

How to create your online account

For the time-being, only our members can create an online account as they will be the first to be allowed back to visit ASV.

We will provide updates for all non-members in the coming weeks that will explain when and how they can create their accounts.

For members, all you will need to create your account is your membership card number. If you do not have your card handy and can't seem to create your account then please email our Admin team (

Click here to begin creating your online account.

Booking System FAQs

We're aware that many of you have some queries about our new booking system. Please be aware that our inboxes are very full at the moment, so we're asking you to first read the FAQs listed below before contacting us - the answer you're looking for may already be in there!

  • Q: I'm trying to log in using my log in details from before but the system doesn't recognise me.
    A: Our new booking system will not recognise your previous sign in details. You will have to re-register to enable you to use the service.
  • Q: I'm not sure where to find my card number.
    A: This is located on the back of your ASV membership card. If this is not visible please contact us and we can provide this for you.
  • Q: I have lost my membership card/my card number is no longer visible.
    A: Please contact us and we can provide this to enable you to register for our online booking account
  • Q: I have a University of Aberdeen Student/Staff membership, not sure how to register as the only card number I have is my student/staff number?
    A: Your Staff/Student ID number serves as your card number (please leave off the issue number at the end).
  • Q: I have tried to register but the online booking site is not accepting my email address?
    A: The email you use to register must match the email address we have on your membership file in order to synchronise the booking account with your membership. If you are unsure of this please get in touch and we will provide you with the email address we have on your membership file or if this has changed we will update this as requested.
  • Q: I have a family membership, do I need to set up an individual account for each person on this membership?
    A: Every member will need their own online booking account with a unique email address. If you have previously signed up your children under the same email as yourself you will need to get in touch to let us know a unique email for each child so that we can update their files prior to you creating their online booking accounts.
  • Q: I have registered but the system is trying to charge me for sessions that should be included?
    A: If you have a live membership and add the session to your basket the cost for the session will update according to what your membership entitles you to. If the session is still coming up with a charge, and you have an annual memberships, this may be the result of your membership expiring during lock-down. We are working on rectifying this as quickly as possible and we'll be in touch to advise as soon as your membership is fixed.
  • Q: Myself and my partner both have memberships and we share the same email account. We can register one of our accounts online but not the other.
    A: All accounts must have a unique email address in order to register online for booking. Please get in touch to let us know an alternate email address for your file.
  • Q: When trying to register the online booking site is saying 'an error as occurred while processing your request'.
    A: Please ensure you are using an updated browser. Our system works best with Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Q: How do I book for a gym/swim/exercise class?
    A: Please see our video below - you can book an activity in just 30 seconds! Please note that pre-booking is essential during the first phase of our re-opening.


You can book activities in under 30 seconds - it's really that easy!

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