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Category: ASV App

Use our Android or iPhone app to manage your memberships and bookings.

How to download the app? +

The ASV app is available to download on iOS and Android. Once downloaded, please follow the steps below to get logged in:

  1. Press “Log In”
  2. Press “Create Account”
  3. Fill in the details that are consistent with your membership file on to the required fields


i. The Barcode Number is your membership card number.

ii. Your email address must match the one you used to sign up for your membership and to create your online account

iii. Just tap the screen and enter your membership card number! You can find this on the back of your ASV card.

How to connect your fitness tracker to the app? +

Our app allows you to connect to fitness wearables and apps including Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Strava. The app has ADVAGYM & MYZONE built-in however you can add all of your own apps by clicking on your initials/profile picture (top left corner off app). From there, press 'Connected Apps' and select the different apps you would like to connect. All this information will then show under the 'My Lifestyle' tab.

Where can I find the deals section within the app? +

Exclusive deals and promotions for ASV Members and can be found under 'My ASV'. You can find a list of deals here, including your FREE 1 Day Guest Pass that you get once you log into the app. You can expect new deals every month!

How do I use the app for contactless entry into ASV? +

In the top right corner of the app there is a barcode section with your card details on here (it looks like a square with a line in the centre). You can also add to your wallet (Apple Wallet/Google Pay etc). So you can access our venue contactless without needing your card. This service is currently only available at the sports centre.

How to access on demand content? +

To access on demand content on the app, click the training section on the app. The app is linked to content from ADVAGYM & MYZONE.

Is my LeisureHub and app account the same thing? +

No - you need to create a new account on the app when you first log in. This is not the same login you used for creating an account for our online booking system. You should use the same email address you used for signing up to a membership at ASV.

There is a feedback section within the app – where does this information go? +

The information is submitted into our club portal where all feedback will be recorded and actioned as part of our customer feedback strategy.

When first logging in, I'm being asked for a barcode number. How do I insert this? +

Just tap the screen and enter your membership card number! You can find this on the back of your ASV card.

What happens if my log-in details are not recognised? +

Please email our Reception Team and ask for your email address and membership card number*.

*TIP: You need to use the same email address that you used to sign up to an ASV Membership! You'll find your membership card number on the back of your ASV card (this is used for the 'barcode number' when logging into the app'.

Where can I book my gym and swim sessions? +

First head to 'Bookings', then hit 'Classes'. This will take you to our online booking system. Please log-in with your online account details, and then you are able to make your bookings!

I noticed that my Activity Points are visible to all other members - can I hide this? +

Yes - you can amend all your privacy settings by clicking your initials/profile picture on the top left corner of the app. From there, press 'Settings' followed by 'Privacy'.