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ASV Passport

What is the ASV Passport? +

The ASV Passport is exclusive to non-members who are part of a club, organisation or group that has a block booking with ASV.

How does the ASV passport work? +

All members including ASV Passport holders can download and use the ASV app which gives the functionality via their smart-phone to scan their code on the app and gain fast track entry into ASV.

Access to the ASV app will follow the same process as a normal ASV member, through the same contact details that are on our membership database.

Every ASV Passport member will be issued with a wristband, but under 17 year olds will not gain access to the app.

Please note that you are exempt from requiring the ASV Passport if you are part of a visiting team (including coaches), or if you are a spectator (including parents of children in swimming/diving lessons).

How do I purchase an ASV passport? +

The ASV Passport can easily be purchased using our online joining system. Please note that you will have to create an online account if you have not already done so.

How do I check-in using the ASV passport? +

To ensure that entry into the facility is as simple and quick as possible. Groups will no longer need to approach reception, they can fast track through reception to their session and it will minimise ‘grouping’ in the reception areas.

Please read our information pack for full details