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Will the water fountains be in use? +

Our water fountains are available to use, though we encourage all visitors to bring their own water bottle to reduce the amount of contact needed in these areas. At this time, vending machines are not in operation.

Will changing rooms be available? +

You are expected to arrive at ASV ready to train. However, changing rooms are available in both centres should you need to use.

Will showers be available? +

Customers are encouraged to shower at home where possible, however they will be available to use for quick showers if required.

Will toilets be open to use? +

Toilets will be open throughout ASV however members are asked to respect social distancing guidelines.

Will I be able to use a locker? +

Yes, you are able to use lockers in both centres. However, we encourage members to use every other locker when possible, to maintain social distancing. You can keep your belongings with you in a bag that is no larger than 5 litres and bring your bag with you onto poolside and into the sport hall.

Will there be a one-way system? +

Please see our facilities induction page for how to access our various facilities