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Category: Freezing or ending

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How to pause or cancel your membership. We'll be sad to see you go…

How do I pause or freeze my membership? +

Request to do so must be done so in writing or by emailing

How do I unfreeze my membership? +

Please contact or come to one of our receptions and we will be able to re-activate any frozen membership.

How do I cancel my direct debit monthly membership? +

You can cancel at any time after your first Direct Debit payment, by providing a minimum of 1 calendar month notice in writing prior to the next Direct Debit payment date. However, if you are in a contract membership, cancellation cannot be applied until the end of your initial term. Our cancellation request form can be found on the ASV website.

If you cancel your Direct Debit mandate directly with your bank, your membership will be cancelled immediately. Membership fees due for any notice period will still be applied.