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How do I book or cancel?

How do I book for a gym/swim/exercise class? +

Please see our video below - you can book an activity in just 30 seconds! Please note that pre-booking is essential during the first phase of our re-opening.

Log into your account to start your booking.

How to make a block blocking? +

Please contact and one of our programming team will pick up the request.

How to book a camp? +

Kids camp registrations can be found on the ‘Families and Kids’ page.

What if I turn up late to my booking slot or miss a class? +

You cannot arrive any more than 10 minutes late to your booking, otherwise you will be refused entry.

I can no longer attend my class how do I cancel? +

Please cancel through the ‘My Bookings’ page on your online account.

When can I book for my class? +

You can now book your class exactly 8 days in advance.

For example, if your class is at 12pm on a Saturday, you will be able to book from 12pm on the Friday, 8 days before. If your class is at 3pm on a Tuesday you will be able to book from 3pm on Monday, 8 days before.

Will I still have the option to book ahead? +

Yes, this option will still be available but if the session is already full for the following week then you wont be able to book. Please book the full 8 days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to book ahead for gym/swim/athletics sessions? +

From August 9th we will not require bookings for a gym session, but do still ask that you check in at our kiosks on arrival, and select "gym" from the available options. We currently still require members to book in for our swim and athletics sessions.