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Outdoor Exercise ClassesWe are running an Outdoor Exercise Class timetable until our reopening! Click here to find out more.
Lockdown Fitness

Lockdown Fitness

We're here to help you stay fit during lockdown! Follow our new lockdown fitness timetable below - updated weekly - and subscribe to our YouTube channel

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This second lockdown has made it twice as hard to think of new, fun ways to keep fit during the winter conditions and it's even tougher to stay motivated.

Well, you no longer need to motivate yourself as our amazing Fitness Team are here to help and do the motivating for you!

Week 10 of ASV Lockdown Fitness will commence on Monday 29th March. To access the classes simply click on the class thumbnail at the scheduled class time, and it will begin!

Please don't forget to like the videos and subscribe to the ASV YouTube channel so you never miss an upload.

Week 10 of ASV Lockdown Fitness commences Monday 29th March

Sarah run

Bonus video! If you are interested in athletics, then please give this short video a watch as Sarah has some great tips that will improve your running.

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