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Mental Health Awareness Week

Prioritise your health!

Mark your calendars for Mental Health Awareness Week, a week-long event dedicated to enhancing your mental and physical wellness. From Monday the 13th of May to Sunday the 19th of May, immerse yourself in a variety of rejuvenating activities at Aberdeen Sports Village, designed for reducing stress, boosting mood, and enhancing cognitive function.

All sessions are complimentary, open to both members and non-members alike.

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Give your health the attention it deserves!

Take a proactive step towards a happier, healthier you during Mental Health & Wellbeing Week!

We're excited to offer a range of wellness activities:

🧘‍♀️ Dive into Qi Gong & Yoga Sessions: Immerse yourself in the serene blend of Qi Gong and the flexibility of yoga. Explore gentle movements and mindful breathing techniques for a revitalizing experience.

💨 Join our Breathing Workshop: Learn the art of deep breathing and gain the tools to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and clarity.

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Put your health first!

🤸‍♂️ Experience Body Balance, Stretch & Stability Fit: Elevate your flexibility and enhance stability through tailored programs to strengthen your body and foster overall well-being.

🥗 Explore our Nutrition Seminar: Uncover the pivotal role of nutrition in mental health and learn practical tips for a balanced diet that nourishes both body and mind.

Seize the opportunity to embark on a journey toward a happier, healthier you during Mental Health Awareness week!

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Unlock your wellness!

Ses­sions are open free of charge dur­ing Men­tal Health Aware­ness Week. Please note that atten­dees must cre­ate an account on the ASV app and book in advance. Book­ings opens 06:30 on the 6th May. All freely book­able ses­sions will be labelled Men­tal Health Awareness…’

Reserve your free spot!

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