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The ASV Giving Tree

The 2022 festive season is well and truly upon us, and that means Christmas promotions, gift wrapping galore, and plenty of mince pies and festive coffees from our cafes!

However, we know that this season especially will be difficult for many people in our community. It’s always an expensive time of year, but with the increased cost of living and wintertime heating bills to consider, there will be lots of families struggling to put a meal on the table this Christmas – never mind presents under the tree.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that this year, we will be running our own ASV Giving Tree supporting AberNecessities and CFINE.

Led by one of our sports coaches, Emily Varley, the ASV Giving Tree runs until the 31st of December. Emily has run Giving Trees in support of various charities over the past few years, and when she suggested setting up one in our reception areas we couldn't say no!

It was an easy decision to say yes to doing our part and helping some of our fellow local charities this holiday season.

Want to take part?

We know that money is tight for many of us, but the beauty of a Giving Tree is that anyone can take part! Our trees are decorated with labels that have one or two items these charities need.

You can take one label, two labels, or more - it's entirely up to you how much you donate. We just ask that if you take a label, you either purchase the items listed or return the label to the tree so somebody else can.

To donate items:

  1. Find a label (or a few) with items you can commit to buying and take it off the tree
  2. Purchase the items and return them, unwrapped, with the label attached. We have donation boxes at both of our reception areas
  3. Please make sure to return the items you've bought for donation by the date on the label!
  4. And that's it! ASV will arrange to bring the items to each charity

To donate money:

  1. Find a label with a donation link and QR code
  2. Either enter the link in your browser, or scan the QR code to be taken to the webpage
  3. You will be taken to a page set up by the charity. Follow the instructions on this page to make your donation
  4. Return the label to the tree so others can use the link to donate!

If you have any questions about our Giving Tree, please do speak with our customer service team at our aquatics or sports centre reception. And thank you for helping us make the festive season a bit more merry & bright for families throughout our community!

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