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Online Booking System update: Members can now book 8 Days in advance

We have taken your feedback on board, and extended the number of days you can book in advance from 7 to 8!

Please read the FAQs listed below to find out why we made this decision, and how it effects you:

  • Q: Why have you made the change from 7 days to 8?
    A: Our online booking system allows members to book exactly (to the minute) 7 days in advance of any session. Our kiosks however offer the option of booking or the following week when checking in for a session meaning that those checking in for their classes before the class start time have the option available to book before those at home. The change was made to allow for a fairer pre-booking system so that the session becomes available to all users at the same time.
  • Q: So when can I now book for my class?
    A: You can now book your class exactly 8 days in advance. For example, if your class is at 12pm on a Saturday, you will be able to book from 12pm on the Friday 8 days before. If your class is at 3pm on a Tuesday you will be able to book from 3pm on Monday 8 days before.
  • Q: Will I still have the option to book ahead for next week on the kiosks?
    A: Yes, this option will still be available but if the session is already full for the following week then you wont be able to book. Please book the full 8 days in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Q: Does this apply to gym/swim/athletics sessions?
    A: Yes, all activities are now bookable in advance so this change affects them also.
  • Q: I can no longer attend my class, how do I cancel?
    A: Please cancel through the ‘My Bookings’ page on your online account.

Our online booking system update: members can now book 8 days in advance options

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