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Our New Booking System

All activities and sessions must now be pre-booked before you visit ASV

This is the new way we do things — this ensures the facil­i­ty is kept at a safe capac­i­ty at all times.

How to create your online account

For the time-being, only our members can create an online account as they will be the first to be allowed back to visit ASV.

We will provide updates for all non-members in the coming weeks that will explain when and how they can create their accounts.

For members, all you will need to create your account is your membership card number. If you do not have your card handy and can't seem to create your account then please email our Admin team (

Click here to begin creating your online account.

How to book your sessions and activities

Remember you must first create your online account before you can book any sessions.

Please click here to start your booking - remember to log into your account first.

Our our new booking system options

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