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Looking for extra ways your child can stay active at home?

Over the past few lockdowns, our personal trainers put together some fantastic classes dedicated to Primary School children, so kids can stay active no matter where they are!

With videos suited for P1 - P4 and P5 - P7, there's something available for kids of all ages & abilities.

All classes are available on the ASV YouTube Channel.

PE with ASV

All classes can be watched on the ASV Youtube Channel

Class Name Age Group Upload Date
Ahoy there Shipmates! P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Doon in the Farm P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Get Fit Fast P5 - P7 AVAILABLE NOW
Winter Sports P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Get Strong - Body Weight Class P5 - P7 AVAILABLE NOW
Animal Yoga P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Fitness Yoga P5 - P7 AVAILABLE NOW
Down at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Condition & Core P5 - P7 AVAILABLE NOW
Rise & Shine P1 - P4 AVAILABLE NOW
Fantastic Five P5 - P7 AVAILABLE NOW

Check out some of the example classes we have already uploaded to our YouTube channel:

ASV Doon On The Farm V2

Doon on the Farm - suitable for kids in P1 - P4

ASV Get Fit Fast V2

Get Fit Fast - suitable for kids in P5 - P7

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