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Here at ASV, we offer a range of Pilates courses great for overall strength, flexibility and fitness. The type of Pilates that best for you depends on what your goals and personal preferences are. Work in a small group environment with our trainer Tamara who will focus on your posture, alignment and core strength.

Pilates is for everybody, regardless of your age, size, race, gender, or ability. With over 600 exercises and variations, Pilates can be modified to suit every level. It’s effective for absolute beginners and professional athletes alike. Have a read below to find out which course would suit you best...

Beginners Pilates

This beginner's Pilates course is designed to help you build a strong foundation. Beginners Pilates will teach you the foundations of good technique and how to control your breathing. This course is gentle enough for someone who has never done Pilates before and also suitable for anyone with pain or injury. During the sessions you will learn how to set your spine into a neutral position, you will work in various positions to challenge your strength and control and you will learn to properly activate the deep abdominal muscles. You will also work the pelvic floor muscle and learn how to control movement.

Beginners Pilates - next block Oct/Nov

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This course is aimed for those who have previously practised Pilates and feel confident with their technique. The exercises become gradually more difficult, testing co-ordination, flexibility, balance and strength.
It’s all about concentration and breathing, but you’ll definitely feel it in your muscles during each exercise.
Pilates’ main focus is on core however, you can expect to see strength gains in your arms and legs.

Pilates - next block 25th May - 29th June

Thursday 18:00 - 19:00 Aquatic Studio

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Chair Based Pilates

Chair based Pilates is is a low-impact class that focuses on strengthening muscles while improving flexibility and posture. Practising modified Pilates movements while seated in a chair is a great way for older adults to get the health benefits of these exercises without needing to lie down. Staying seated means that even those who are frail or not very flexible can safely do the exercises and work towards increasing their strength and flexibility.

Chair Based Pilates - next block Oct/Nov

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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Pre & Post Natal Pilates is a form of exercise tailored to prepare the mind & body before birth and to repair the body & focus the mind after birth. Mums-to-be who regularly exercise their core muscles can expect to experience shorter labours and reduced lower back and pelvic pain. Only exercises that are completely safe for mum and baby will be performed in the class. By training your muscles to activate properly, you will be able to cope more easily with the rigours of labour and childbirth, and the demands of the months to follow.

Please note if you’re in your 3rd trimester and have not attended classes during the earlier stages of your pregnancy, it’s not safe to start now.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates - next block Oct/Nov

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Courses are available to book now

All our 6 week cours­es are £48 for non mem­bers. ASV mem­bers enjoy a 10% dis­count which will be applied at check-out. There are lim­it­ed num­ber of spaces avail­able per course. Please con­tact Tama­ra for more information. 

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