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Pregnant fitness

Classes are back!

Our next 4‑week class begins Sat­ur­day 9th Sep­tem­ber from 9.00 — 10.00 and costs just £50 (ASV mem­bers enjoy a 10% dis­count!)

Speak to our team at recep­tion to book, or click below to book online

Please speak to your GP or mid­wife to ensure you are cleared for exer­cise before booking

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Get moving, baby!

It's no secret that staying active throughout your pre- and post-natal journey has loads of benefits.

From helping to improve your stamina, to boosting your mood, and easing back and pelvic pain, gentle exercise is a great way to maintain your physical and mental health during this unique and transformative time.

If you are pre- or post-natal and want to stay active or begin your exercise journey, our Pre/Post Natal Fitness Course is perfect for you!

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During this 4-week course you will work with Agata, one of our highly qualified trainers, to learn how to exercise safely throughout your pre- and post-natal journey.

You'll focus on breathing techniques to help keep the core safe (and recover after giving birth), and practice functional fitness to protect the body from injuries in day-to-day life.

You'll also receive a written programme to help you maintain your fitness after the course has ended!

Please note this course is just for pre- and post-natal women and is not a mum & baby class.

Headshot Agata Kurjanska

Prior to booking...

…please speak with your GP or mid­wife to ensure you’re cleared for exercise!

September sessions available to book now!

Our next 4-week course runs as follows:

  • Commencing Saturday 9th September
  • Saturdays from 9.00 - 10.00 in our Performance Studio
  • Just £50 for non-members (ASV members enjoy a 10% discount applied at checkout)

Along with enrolment in the course, you will also receive a follow-on programme written by Agata so you can continue your pre- or post-natal fitness journey!

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Book Pre & Post Natal Fitness Now

There are lim­it­ed spaces avail­able, so speak with our cus­tomer ser­vice team at recep­tion or click below to book online.

Ques­tions? Click below to email Aga­ta and learn more!

Please speak to your GP or mid­wife to ensure you are cleared for exer­cise before booking

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