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Amputee group

This year, an incredible £5,500 was raised at numerous ICoTA functions and events - which will be used to fund training sessions in support of Sepsis related amputee’s and, the wider disabled community, who attend the ASV for physical rehabilitation sessions. A very proud day for ICoTA Europe, its members and all those who so generously donated in support of this year’s charity.

A big shout out must go to the ever-enthusiastic ASV Personal Trainers, Tracy Stainer and Scott Wood, who look after a very determined and inspirational group of amputees. Ian Retalic, Tuesday Mennie, Atholl Smart, and Derek Stephen, all refuse to let their disabilities stop them from attending the weekly personal training sessions at the ASV and have made great progress since the start of the sessions.

We sincerely wish the group all the very best as they continue on their journey and, the amazing ASV staff in support of the local and wider community. Thanks again to all the donors and sponsors, who made this possible.

Amputee group

Finding Your Feet

The charity support families affected by amputation or limb absence through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects designed to positively affect both physical and mental wellbeing. Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. It has been proven that quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% of vascular amputees not surviving to one-year post amputation. Every week our trainers Scott and Tracy deliver a gym session for the group.

Finding Your Feet talk about their weekly training sessions here at Aberdeen Sports Village and how it’s become ‘a lifeline’ for them. Find out more information on the charity.

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From left to right: Alan Turner, Darren Paul, Mark Oatey, Bronson Larkins, Ian Retalic, Steve Moir and Michael Taggart

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