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To run longer and faster, you have to run stronger...

Strength training for runners is a vital piece of the puzzle. Adding tempo runs, long runs, and speedwork to your routine will help build speed and efficiency, but strength training is often the element to take runners to the next level.

Evidence suggests starting with even just one 30-minute strength training session per week can be effective in building strength and improving your runs.

Strength work accomplishes three goals for runners:

  • Prevent injuries by strengthening muscles
  • Boost coordination & power to help you run faster
  • Improve your coordination and stride efficiency

Strngth training for runners

What does strength training involve?

Focus on lifting, not on raising your heart rate. Many runners turn their session into a metabolic workout by including too much cardio, but runners get enough cardio. Instead, focus on gaining strength and power using relatively heavy weights for a moderate number of repetitions.

In this workshop, you will focus mostly on compound exercises – those that involve multiple joints and muscle groups, such as lunges, squats, rows or deadlifts – rather than isolation exercises. The goal is to get used to controlling your weight through multiple planes and increasing the level of strength proficiency and body awareness, which will lead to increased mobility, balance and speed.

2 Women and weights

Make strides in your running routine with strength training

Let our personal trainer Sarah teach you how to add weight training into your running schedule. Sarah is a Jog Scotland leader and has taken part in many races including 100km Ultra Runs, 24 hour races, marathons and most recently competed in Manchester's HYROX competition.

This workshop takes place on Saturday 18th March from 11.15 - 12.45 in our Performance Studio and is open to those ages 16+ of all experience levels.

Strength Training for Runners costs just £35 per person. ASV Members enjoy a 10% discount which will be applied at check-out.

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