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Deanna Lankford

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I am a new mum of 1 year old twin girls with a love for running and sport in general. I believe strongly in functional fitness and weightlifting being useful in all areas of life (have you ever tried carrying two babies up the stairs?!)

I have always been interested in sport and how to move efficiently while training, as it transfers to our daily lives as well. I always say, do a movement slower and with less weight if it means you will do it properly!

Special Interest

I am a runner turned weightlifting believer. Over the years I have seen how weightlifting has helped improve speed/endurance in my running - and it benefits more than just your figure. From running a marathon to keeping up with kids, functional fitness and weights are a game changer when it comes to sustainability inside and outside of the gym.

As a new mum I also have a special in interest in pre/post-natal fitness. Many women don't know that you can train while pregnant, if you are doing so safely and properly (with your doctor's consent, of course). I am in the process of acquiring my pre/post-natal certification, to better help women wanting to train in their pregnancy/postpartum months. Our bodies can do amazing things, and I want to assist in reaching our full potential as mums!

Interesting Fact

I am a twin who also has twins. Crazy, right?!

Fitness tip

Find something you enjoy doing to improve your fitness. If you don't like running, don't force yourself to run, find an activity you enjoy that will keep you motivated to exercise.