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Markka Kitacheva

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I found my way into being a trainer by coaching the university triathlon team and I have never looked back. My own sporting background is snowboarding, windsurfing, ice hockey, swimming and dancing - not the ballet kind however but hip hop - which explains why I love listening to rap when I workout!

Nutrition and sleep are the foundation for living a healthy life. What I care about the most is moving well. The primary focus is always on mechanics first, then intensity. I appreciate when an athlete can push themselves to a dark place.

When I see you putting in great effort, I will give you the biggest fist-pump!

Special Interest

Prior to lockdown I started going to adult gymnastics to learn something new. I looked like a toddler and face-planted multiple times - however it was most fun I have had in a while!

Interesting Fact

Through January 2021 I dipped in the sea every single day. Friends and gallons of hot coffee got me through it. If you want to kick-start your day - jump in and thank me later! But remember a beanie and big warm joggers to put on after you get out the water.

Fitness tip

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

You can reach me here to find out more