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Growing up, school was always a struggle for me - sport and exercise was an escape where I could be myself. It increased my self-esteem and had a profound impact on improving my mental wellbeing.

After leaving school to study sports coaching I got my first job in the fitness industry at 17 and since then have spent the last 20 years assisting people of all ages/abilities to reach their fitness goals.

Getting older I appreciate the importance of staying functionally fit for everyday life and being fit for your sport, not using sport to get fit.

Special Interest

  • Run coaching
  • Teen fitness
  • S&C for sport
  • Fitness for emergency services

Interesting Fact

You can expect to gain 2 hours of life for every 1 hour of exercise...who says you don't have time to exercise?

Fitness tip

Stop worrying about how many hours you train in a week and focus on what you do with those hours

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